Enelex s.r.o. (Ltd.) is genuinely a Czech company. Since 1991 it has been successfully operating in the Czech market and since 1994 in foreign market with continual dynamic growth. Nowadays it has established a significant position among producers of special electronics especially for mining industry and power industry.

The key area represents production of on-line radiometric coal ash analyzers for continual measurement of coal ash content and calorific value – the gamma-ashmeters, which monitor the coal quality on the belt conveyor on-line. The in-service radiometric fast analyzers evaluate the coal quality of the taken samples and the automatic coal sampling and processing lines take samples from the belt conveyors or alternatively from railway wagons or heavy trucks.

Enelex started to design and install the fixed applications of Thermovision® systems since 1999 for heavy conditions of coal stockyards, waste sites and other facilities mainly related to power industry. The main part is the detection system of monitoring the stockyards and outdoor fire detection systems in areas with high risk of fire or spontaneous combustion.

Enelex manufactures and delivers the products including installation, initial running and personnel training, the maintenance and servicing is always arranged with close cooperation with the customer. We have own production facility with necessary production, measurement and servicing equipment for the production of special electronics.

In foreign countries we cooperate with local companies in installing, maintenance and servicing and we systematically build-up a network of representatives and servicing centers..

Manufacturing program

Coal quality management systems

The systems of coal quality management can be applied in several phases of coal handling procedure. It is possible to use it from the excavation controlling up to power plant feed fficiency monitoring. The implementation of the coal quality management systems has positive effects not only in the field of operational economy but also ecology.

Specified and constant coal quality and calorific value is very important parameter for most processes using coal as a fuel or input material. The system of coal quality management is a complex of technological and operational arrangements which aim at producing of required coal quality for certain application. It should be able to react on dynamic coal quality fluctuations in order to maintain the product quality requirements.

Benefits of the systems:

  • Optimization of coal excavation
  • Costs reduction of coal cleaning
  • Increasing the efficiency of coal burning
  • Prevention of technology failures caused by insufficient quality of coal

GE series on-line radiometric coal quality analyzers for coal excavation, processing and combustion optimization

The GE3000 series coal analyzers represent the third generation of Enelex on-line radiometric analyzers. Its evolution utilizes more than 25 years of practical experience and knowledge in the field of contactless coal quality monitoring and also needs of our important customers.

The analyzers allow monitoring of actual coal quality online directly on the belt conveyor, can determine the calorific value, ash content and flow rate within specified time interval. Use of the units will improve the excavation efficiency and allow optimization of coal consumption which leads to significant cost reduction.

Analyzer operation

  • On-line calorific value evaluation in MJ/kg or kcal/kg
  • On-line ash percentage evaluation
  • On-line monitoring of coal quantity (flow rate) in t/h
  • On-line monitoring of material layer height on the belt conveyor in mm
  • Device calibration for 12 different coal types with possible extension
  • Measurement in three independent time frames (online value, input activated time interval, preset shift-wise time interval)
  • Control stage touchscreen user interface with both numeric and graphic result presentation
  • LAN network connection for remote monitoring, data transfer, archiving and system maintenance.
  • Direct data push to control system SQL database

Automatic coal samplers

Sampling station with soft milling is fully automatic device for regular taking and sample processing from the conveyer belt using the rotary sampler. The design of the sampling device components ensures the sampling and sample processing to fully comply with required standards for solid fuels sampling.

Auger Sampler. Sampling equipment for sample retrieving from coal trucks and rail cars

The samples are retrieved using the hydraulic boom arm with auger assembly. Unique design ensures retrieving samples from any place and any depth inside the coal trucks or rail cars using the method of submerged auger sampling, which ensures fast sampling and representative samples.

Thermovision® systems; fire protection of stockyards, industrial and security use

Enelex has long–term experience with installing the thermal imaging systems in demanding conditions such as coal storage yards, waste sites and other facilities, mostly in the power industry. Most of our applications consist of thermal imaging fire prevention systems for monitoring surface temperatures of stored materials and of outdoor fire prevention systems in outdoor areas with high risk of fire.

The systems enable motion detection, temperature level detection, temperature trend monitoring in large or outdoor areas as well as advanced analysis based on application needs.