ZVVZ MACHINERY a.s. is a part of ZVVZ Group a.s. whose history dates back to 1948.

From the beginning there is big focus on R&D, manufacture and assembly of ventilation systems.

One of the main products are Fans of bigger sizes (axial and centrifugal), designed to custom-made projects based on demands of our customers.

Next to the fans our key businness activities include Flue Gas Cleaning (electrostatic precipitators, bag filtres), Pneumatic conveyors, HVAC, Silos and Tankers.

Years of experience ensure top quality and trustworthy supply of:

  • Complete main Mine Ventilation System
  • Axial Fans also with ATEX certification up to diameter 5.000mm with possibility of reversation
  • Appropriate accessory as dampers, expansion joints, noise silencers, insulation, etc.
  • Diagnostic system and regulation of individual parts or the whole Ventilation system.
  • Assembly supervision, commissioning , maintenance and service

ZVVZ Machinery a.s. is the worldwide company with many businness partner and is succesfully certified in EN ISO 9001, EN ISO 3834, EN 1090, PED 2014. Also we ensure other certification based on local standards in many countries including ATEX certification.