The company concentrates on researching, developing and producing mid-size, heavy and one-off specialized pumps and pumping sets for industrial applications.

An integral part of the SIGMA Group production base is its own research and development facility, the main task of which is to constantly improve the quality of the SIGMA brand pumping technology. The research and development background has its own testing laboratory, a wide range of software programs for numerical simulations and other technological equipment for experimental measurements and experiments.

The manufacturing facility of the SIGMA GROUP a.s. holding company is the plant in Lutín, near Olomouc. Its product range consists of more than 70 product series of centrifugal pumps designed for use all areas of industry, energy sector, agriculture and water management.

Modern machinery and assembly workshops equipped with CNC machining centers employ cranes with a load capacity of up to 40 tons. The production facilities incorporate a material preparation plant, welding shop, a paint shop and several diagnostic sites and testing rooms, the largest of which, one of such unique laboratories in Europe, enables hydraulic tests of machines with a power input of up to 12 MW.

Through its subsidiary companies, Sigma also offers and implements complex deliveries of investment units in the field of pumping technology. Engineering activities include design, construction and calculation work, supply of technological units, realization of buildings in the form of “turnkey” projects, consultancy and consultation.

It goes without saying that SIGMA provides comprehensive services in the field of maintenance pumping equipment, electric drives and air conditioning equipment. The main mission of the Energo division is to ensure service activities of nuclear, conventional and hydro power plants, including other technological systems operating pumping units in cooperation with and with the full support of the technical and design background of the parent production plant. As part of the above-standard service activities, the company carries out renovations of parts of pumping equipment with a focus on improving the economy of maintenance activities associated with compliance with ecological standards and rational use of energy.

The Company is a holder of following certificates EN ISO 9001, EN ISO 14001, ISO 45001, EN ISO 19 443, EN ISO 3834-2, AQAP 2110.