NOEN, a.s.

  • The history of NOEN, a.s. started in 1997.
  • NOEN, a.s. is specialized from 2003 on the fields of designing, production and construction of mechanical and electrical equipment.
  • From 2005, NOEN, a.s. began to gradually extent its activity to involved expert activities and consultancy in the fields of open-pit mining technologies and then involved engineering-supply activities during recovery and construction of new resources in the Czech Republic, i.e., in the fields of coal handling and energy by-products.
  • The company’s main activity currently consists of designing and engineering of the machines and equipment for open-pit mining as well as mineral storage. This includes studies and projects of new bucket wheel excavators, reconstructions and modernizations of belt conveyors and machines for stockyards. Furthermore it involves design documentation, including calculations and shop drawings of partial nodes of machines from both the indicated field and complete machines.
  • NOEN, a.s. in the last seven years it has been intensely investing in the development of its foreign business as well. From 2013, it has made great inroads into the foreign markets also.
  • Production range:

Bucket wheel Excavators, Transfer carriages, Stackers, Reclaimers, Ship loaders, Ship unloaders, Under carriages, Tripper cars, Belt conveyors, Coal handling machines.