INCO’s primary focus is on hoisting products of its own product line, but also specializes in modernizations, refurbishments and repairs of hoisting machines after long-term in operation. This includes the complete renewal and update of electrical as well as mechanical parts of certain hoists along with replacement of original brake system with newer, more modern and reliable hydraulic or pneumatics brakes.

Almost 90% of our production has a final destination in Russia. However, soon after establishing, we started to become a global company. Now, in addition to Russia, our equipment is in operation in the Slovak Republic, Poland, India, China, and the Czech Republic. We also have ongoing projects in Vietnam, Canada, Slovenia, and Ukraine.

INCO has developed one of the biggest winders in the world – 8-rope Koepe winder with a total output of 11 000 kW. We are in the final stage of a project with the largest winder ever produced – an 8-rope friction winder (Koepe) of 11 000 kW.

Our hoisting systems are provided with the most up-to-date monitoring system. This allows our staff to monitor operating conditions and values online through secured network and to identify any troubles which may arise and decide whether to send our specialists to figure out any problem or if the operators can handle it themselves. This information system may also help you to get the real-time condition of your machines regardless on a place and time using our app in your PC, mobile phone, or tablet. If it is possible to figure out an issue online from our operating center, then it also has an economic benefit for the customer.

INCO has a long-term co-operation with shipping agents to transport our technology to the customer. We provide door delivery or any of the INCOTERMS 2010 parity options.

We understand that the provision of the spare parts is one of the biggest issues of older technology. To address this issue, INCO has a policy that guarantees a supply of spares even for older machines which were manufactured by INCO. Our service is not finished after the delivery and commissioning.

As a supplier with reputable experience, we can provide you with modern technology which meets all safety criteria, technology that is reliable and a very competitive price policy with customer-oriented service.