Czech Extraction & Mining

Dear business friends...

It was given to me a honour to introduce You in few following rows association, which is called Česká dobývací technika (CDT). CDT is association of firms with domicile in Prag, composed of ten czech business companies with the same orientation. The motivation to create this association are the still uncovered possibilities of utilization of natural resources in some countries and ideas of expansion of business areas within locality with high market and transaction potential.

Pivotal aim, that CDT set to yourself, is to enter the still unopened markets in East European countries, be specific,to confer about disposition create, evolve and keep network of business relationships with companies in Russia and in Ukraine, which put mind to mining mineral resources. Thereby method CDT will endeavour to rebuild present methods of mining mineral resources and modernize technologies of extracting mineral resources namely both underground and surface winning. The effect of these tendencies will lead to escalation of economic effectiveness and to increasing of income of all interested countries and individual participating companies. Therefore the main activity of this association is to assure complete service from precontracting activities, contracting over contract documents, comlete supply and consequently long-term service.

Business companies, that create association CDT, are renowned, prosperous and economically advanced companies, which connect on long-term mining tradition in Czech Republic. They have practical experiences with complete supplies for mining and modification of mineral resources, which stretch from own planning of mine, selection and determination of right technologie, over processing of concrete facility plan , reinsurance of complete production including assembly and actuation including financing of all business event. Summary of their theoretical knowledges, practical skills and know-how from area of capital equipment supply, engineering and trade in general, contribute to complex project capability, engineering and financial activity in area of extraction of mineral resources. Inconsiderable positive factor are also experiences and contacts in foreign trade area and present close cooperations of individual member companies with Russia.

The effort of association CDT is assort on worldmarket perspective association of companies with fixed bases, that become supporting pier for unfolding extractive industry in East European countries. Due to support of ministry of industry and trade, company Czech Trade and quality of individual founder companies has CDT good starting position for active agency within the frame of its competences and purposes.

Ing. Jan Poloch, chairman of the association CDT

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