Complex deliveries of technology sets for open-pit mining include manufacturing of classical and compact bucket wheel excavators as well as conveyors (both stationary and movable), technology for transport, dispatch and diversion of the transported material.

We cooperate with leading Czech firms and perform all types of engineering activities connected with the projection and supply machinery for use in both old and new pit-mines.

Thanks to our large team of well-trained professionals, UNEX is able to offer qualified consulting services and help its customers in all of the planning and realisation stages of their business plans – project development, technical help, manufacturing, assembly, general repairs, liquidation of machinery etc.

More than 130 custom-built excavators and reclaimers can be found except Czech Republic also in Russia and the Ukraine, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Poland and Slovakia. UNEX has also supplied stocking machines to major Czech power stations.

Manufacturing program

Uničov plant

  • Bucket wheel excavators and mining equipment
  • Welded steel parts and structures up to 120 t in weight and 40 m in length
  • Carbon, low, medium and high-alloy steel castings from 5 kg up to 18 t
  • Manganese steel castings, nodular and grey iron castings from 5 kg to 3.5 t
  • Cut parts from standard and special materials

Olomouc plant

  • Nodular and grey iron castings from 50 g up to 6.5 kg
  • Die forgings from 2 kg to 25 kg

Snina plant

  • Steel constructions with a weight of 64 t and 45 m in length
  • Cut parts from standard and special materials

Mining technology

Mining equipment

  • Classical bucket wheel excavators – KU 300, KU 800, K 2000
  • Compact bucket wheel excavators – K 650

Transport devices

  • Long-distance belt conveying
  • Belt wagons
  • Discharging wagons
  • Mobile hoppers

Stock machinery

  • Stacking machines – ZPD 250
  • Reclaimers – KN160, N1250, N2000, N35
  • Scrapers – N15